Litha Booi

I am an initiated sangoma into the Bantu cosmology and received training in various modalities like psychic development guided by Vanessa Awakan of soul whisperer,  shamanism with the African mysteries of Kemet school guided by Ursula Macheke Van Graan, Foundation of Shamanic studies guided by Kevin Turner and Ancestral medicine guided by Dr Daniel Foor.

My ancestral lineage consists of diverse cultures who are bantu speakers, Khoisan which are the 1st nations of Southern Africa , coloured South Africans, Zanzibaris as well as African Americans. Passionate about indigenous knowledge systems and restoring cultural dignity, I have worked with various organisations such the Credo Mutwa foundation, Ebukhosini Solutions on programs that help people to reclaim their ancestral wisdom.

I am the founder of Ancient Wisdom Africa which is a container for tapping into different aspects of ancient wisdom, as it relates to pertinent issues in life, society and the environment, as well as the founder of Lorile Media, a company that tells stories about indigenous knowledge and community development.

I am an award-winning actor with over a decade of experience in the advertising, film and TV industry. My experience ranges from being an Actor, Voice Over artist, MC, speaker, director, producer and writer.

I have always been fascinated by human behaviour and why we think, feel and act the way which led me towards my qualification as a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and life coach, constantly seeking to understand human behaviour I found myself learning from global self-mastery experts like Deepack Chopra, Brian Tracy and Loral Langemeier

My journey for self-understanding led me to 13 years of exploration constantly seeking transformation. I have travelled around the world and found many different organisations and teachers who have taught me different tools and skillsets which I use within my practice and always root it in my African upbringing.

Organisations that have laid a framework for my practice include the Art of Living, Insight Training Centre, The Path method, Ontological coaching institute, Neuro linguistic Programming coaching,  Ancestral medicine , soul whisperer, Ebukhosini Solutions which focus on different topics like understanding self, generational trauma, personal and cultural healing as well as ancestral healing.

What brings joy to me is seeing transformation in people, the moment they reclaim and restore their ancestral wisdom and finding new perspectives that help them lift their heavy burdens.

All that said my promise to you is that we will always find moments to laugh and have fun along the journey whilst still doing some deep  healing!


What Clients Say About Me

As an MC, his ability to think quickly on his feet, to stay true to the task at hand, to say the right thing at the right time and to fulfill the brief is impeccable.

Chris EconomouBrand Activation and Experiential Marketing Consultant

I’m confident that if you wish to transition through to your greatest self, Litha is someone you want to journey with.

Henry NolanEntrepreneur

As a speaker Litha has an incredible ability to connect and communicate authentically and powerfully, I fully recommend him to any organisation.

Obakeng NgidiCEO By Force

I aspire to be the version of myself by allowing myself to be guided by his uncompromising passion, his energy is truly contagious. And his wisdom comes from his own personal experiences.

Teboho PietersonFilm fund specialist