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Shamanic Journey Session

Shamanic Journeying is a gentle, safe and guided process that uses rhythm and intention to enter altered state of consciousness in order to connect with the spiritual dimensions of Reality.

Ancestral Cafe

The Ancestral Cafe is safe space where we invite our ancestors to join us for a cup of coffee (or drink of choice), and have communal conversations about life, death and everything in between.

Spiritual mentorship

This is an immersive process where we meet once a week for 4 months and work on healing all 4 lineages as well as ground you in your life’s purpose by embracing the gifts and the blessings of all four lineages.

Ancestral consultation

This is a conversational process where we invite the ancestors into the space and I listen to what the ancestors have to say about your current life situations.

Insight session

This is an opportunity to answer some questions about your journey and also to see how we can best work together to help you realise your goals/dreams and visions. This session costs R100 for those in the African Continent and $15 for those outside the African continent.

60 minute ancestral healing session

This is a continuation session after the work of assessment has been done. Depending on where you are in the process we dive deeper into the healing of your ancestral lineages. The cost is R1000 (within the African continent) $100 (those outside African continent).

90 minute Ancestral lineage healing

This is the initial process where we do a comprehensive assessment of the state of your 4 lineages, your father’s father, your father mother, your mother’s father and your mother’s mother. This helps us to create a roadmap for the work of Ancestral lineage healing that is ahead.

Ancestral lineage 5 sessions package

This is the Ancestral lineage healing process for one of your chosen lineages. Here we ensure that your entire lineage is healed as well as get to explore your ancestral gifts and blessings so that you can find clarity and purpose about your life.