Ancestral healing

Ancestral Healing

Indigenous cultures have always had a way of not only tending to the ancestors but also relating to them in a way that brings support and guidance so that the community could thrive. Ancestral veneration was a common way of life where elders would be surrounded by the community around a fire and stories were told of ancient ways of their forefathers.

Rituals and ceremonies were constantly performed in order to maintain harmony, peace and abundance. There are ancestors who wish us well, the wise and loving ones who always walk besides us as well as those who taunt us because they carry the burdens of unfinished business.

With colonisation came the disconnection between the ancestors and their loved ones and for many decades this has created challenges which birthed ancestral patterns of disease, unforeseen circumstances, trauma and unhealed grief that is automatically passed down from generation to generation. We who are alive then live in cycles of unhealed grief and trauma.

As human beings we all come from a long line of ancestors who once lived and experienced life. All of these ancestors play a role in our daily lives, they through their actions and wishes dreamt us into reality, their mission was to live a life so that you could become their wildest dreams. Due to many forces, most people no longer reach out and connect to the ancestral wisdom so that they can manifest a life that is in alignment with their life’s purpose

Ancestral healing allows you to reconnect with the elders who lived before us, in order to reclaim our power, gain clarity and dream up a new reality where we can not only heal past traumas and cultural burdens but also create a future that is supportive of all our dreams and desires.

This approach is an effective, securely held form of ritual work which assists you to directly access the supportive guidance of your own ancestors. This method of connection is heart-centered, culturally inclusive and welcoming of people of all backgrounds.