Ancestral healing

Ancestral Healing

We all come from ancestral lineages who have experienced traumas of some sort, whether it is genocide, slavery, racial oppressive systems, forced removals, indoctrination of culture and abandonment.

All of these traumas stay with us and are easily passed down from generation to generation because they are often not dealt with, they show up as destructive patterns with the living.

These destructive patterns show up in different areas of our lives, whether it is our careers, finances, relationships or the way in which we view ourselves.

History of Indigenous healing

Indigenous cultures always tended to the ancestors but also related to them in a way that brings support and guidance so that the communities could thrive.

Ancestral veneration was a common way of life where shamans and elders would be surrounded by the community members around a fire and stories were told of ancient ways of their forefathers.

Rituals and ceremonies were constantly performed in order to maintain harmony, peace and abundance. As a result, communities thrived because they would constantly tend to their ancestors and worked hand in hand so that they were constsnatly protected and blessed.

Epigenetics and Ancestral healing

These days the idea of ancestral healing has become more and more p0pular especially in the Western world, as a result, ancestral lineage healing has become backed by scientific research in the field of epigenetics.

Scientists studied descendants of Holocaust survivors and the offspring of survivors of the Dutch famine. They discovered changes in genetic expression which occurred as the result of trauma experienced generations before.

What these studies revealed was that trauma can be passed down from generation to generation and if these traumas are not addressed, one can easily continue the cycle.

Ancestral lineage healing

The best way that one can deal with these ancestral patterns is through rituals and ceremonies so that one can reset the nervous system physically and spiritually.

The process of tending to one’s ancestors allows you to reconnect with ancestors who are well in spirit, in order to reclaim our power, gain clarity and dream up a new reality where we can not only heal past traumas and cultural burdens but also create a future that is supportive of all our dreams and desires.

This approach is an effective, securely held form of ritual work which assists you to directly access the supportive guidance of your own ancestors. This method of connection is heart-centred, culturally inclusive and welcoming of people of all backgrounds.

Energy exchange

For those who are new to the work, I would highly recommend that we do at least one lineage which is a total of 5 sessions in order to get the most impact from the experience. The initial session is 90 minutes long so we can assess the wellness of all four of your ancestral lineages Fathers Father, Fathers Mother, Mothers Mother and Mothers Father.