This is an ancient old age question does money buy you happiness or not? I personally don’t get this question because from where I stand you should find a way to be happy with or without money but hey that’s just me. I mean look at some of the poorest people in the world people who have close to nothing they somehow seem to sometimes not all the time have a broader, more genuine smile than most of the wealthiest people in the world. They have far fewer problems and life seems more enjoyable.

I often find myself asking what is it about them that make them smile so damn much and be so happy regardless of the little that they have? Perhaps it’s not knowing, I mean think about it when you have never seen a Ferrari you never find yourself wishing that you had one because its just never been a reality for you so perhaps they find the beauty of life in their circumstances and surroundings, they find joy in interacting with individuals whom they encounter and if by the end of the day they can have a meal in their stomachs and a roof over their heads they are happy.

Perhaps wealth, to people who have very little money is defined by the time you spend with family, waking up every morning and walking around, appreciating the small things like being able to laugh and not cry, not stress about things which they have no control over and heard their flock or whatever it is that they do.

They have learnt to just live without it and make do with whatever they have? I don’t think their happiness is dependent on the money but I’m sure if they had more money they would most likely still be in a happy place because they have realised that happiness is not dependant on what you have but who and what you choose to be.

So as a normal Joe soap like you and I even with all the money we work our but off to make we somehow find this “HAPPINESS” thing to be so elusive because all our time is spent working and we never really have time to enjoy the money that we have because we have to work to ensure that we can keep up with the bills which each and every month seem to get more and more.

I mean think about why is it that regardless of how many glorious promotions we seem to get we always find ourselves in the same predicament, its just not enough, the more money we get the more debts and stuff we buy which lead us back to the same dilemma that we have been facing, too much month at the end of the money.

One of the greatest quotes coms from B.C Forbes and he said real riches are the riches possessed inside.

What this basically means is that happiness or riches or whatever it is that you are looking for is something that can never be found on the outside, no amount of money can make you feel happy because its just like chasing a temporary high it feels great, exhilarating and exciting for a bit then after a while it goes away then you have to chase it again and again and again.

Research states that money alone doesn’t guarantee you happiness, you are far happier when you acquire life experiences than material possessions. So in as much as we need money to live we also need to create a new relationship with it so that we can eventually find happiness through living life to the fullest and creating memories that are unforgettable with our loved ones.

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