Rituals and ceremonies

 Shamanic journey circles

This is a gentle safe and guided process that uses rhythm and intention to enter an altered state of consciousness in order to connect with the spiritual dimensions of reality. The shamanic journey process just like many other tools is used to help you on your spiritual journey to grow.  It is a powerful tool that can be used to help you access guidance that allows you to transform and transcend and heal challenging situations that you are currently dealing with. When someone goes on a journey they tap into the spirit realms where they are met by helping spirits that provide them with powerful resources to help them with their current challenges and obstacles.

The shamanic journey occurs when one shifts awareness or consciousness and enters into non-ordinary reality with the aid of a repetitive rhythm of the drums. The drums represent the rhythm that allows you to shift into an altered state that is calm and soothing so that you can journey.

Plant medicine ceremonies

A divine process of healing and cleansing the ancestral spirits as well as dealing with trauma for yourself and those who are walking beside you. This is a carefully facilitated process that helps you to look into yourself and navigate the generational traumas that reside within you. Each journey is filled with many different elements where we delve deep into the ancestral realms and call in the ancestral helping spirits to come and take us through a process that allows for the flow of what needs to be heard, seen and experienced. through you led by your ancestors.

In the Bantu cosmology this is commonly known as ispili or a mirror into your soul, a process of exploring the many different layers mainly, one’s physical traumas, which can range from childhood to adolescence and adulthood experiences that left wounds that have become unconsciously suppressed but need healing. The ceremony allows one to break away from coping mechanisms for life in order to avoid or deflect the traumas that need to be resolved.

The other aspect is the powerful connection with the ancestors and learning to ground and work with the messages that come from the ancestral realms, sometimes we find that the ancestors are also in processes where they too are in need of healing and cleansing. This process allows you to tap into the wisdom of the ancestral realms in order to find alignment with yourself and your ancestral guides. The immersive plant medicine ceremony will help you create a vision for your life that supports who you were born to be.

Cleansing ceremonies

Very often we go through life without knowing that the spaces, places and people we interact with carry energies that might not always be good for our spiritual wellbeing. These energies can stay on your auric field and suck away at your life force which can cause disease and sickness as well as unnecessary blockages on your path.

We unintentionally carry these energies into our own homes where they can cause havoc for families and loved ones. These energies very often grow when not attended to and can make themselves comfortable within your space. When we live unconscious of these energies we don’t notice the impact they have on our lives until we find ourselves in situations where things are not working in our lives.

The river cleansing ceremony is a process that includes the use of African plant medicines which specifically focus on releasing energies that are dampening your spirit and reconnecting with your own life force. Working with the energy of the river we help you to step into a state where you purge away all the energies that are creating tension and friction in your life as well as help you to cleanse your auric field so that you revitalize your body, mind and spirit.