Business coaching

Conscious Business

We spend our entire lives working to build an organisational legacy that will one day hopefully live for generations to come however we forget the impact of the previous generations which still lives within us. We build systems and structures from an external perspective without considering the internal perspective of epigenetically informed patterns.

When we don’t consider the internal perspective, we find that our success in building a company that thrives is hindered by many obstacles and blockages along our path. One of our greatest resources in building any business is the ability to work with our ancestors who were once successful business owners and allow for their guidance to develop a business model that will allow for a successful organisation to manifest through you.

Our ancestors hold valuable insights and entrepreneurial advise which can help future generations to build sustainable business legacies, however over the years many obstacles and challenges cause about 30% of family businesses to make it through the second generation, 10-15% through the third, and 3-5% through the fourth. These are often pointed to as proof of the many challenges faced by families who want to see their company.

When we learn to connect to the ancestral wisdom we can then start to create an organisation that works in partnership with our ancestors and utilise them as a valuable resource. This is a safe way of bringing the ancestral and the business paradigm together for a transformative way of creating a harmonious relationship between your internal and external organisation.

In this process we will also set up an accountability structure that helps you to move forward towards your goals, we will walk the journey together and equip you with different tools and techniques that can help you unlock your full potential so that you can live the life you were destined for!